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Section headingEdit

Host: Hello, and I am your host, Host. and Welcome to....ISLAND OBJECTS!!!! Meet the contestants!

Host: Toothbrush..

Toothbrush: Hi everyone! I'm Toothbrush!

Host: Slipper, Pot...

Slipper: Hai everybody, I'm Slipper!

Pot: and I'm Pot.

Host: Paper Cup..

Paper Cup: Hi...

Host: Cleaver, Mirror, and Lemon..

Lemon: X3

Mirror: Are you okay...?

Lemon: YYEAG

Mirror: AHHHHHH!!!!

Cleaver: XD That was hilarious!

Host: *rolls eyes* Anyway...The first challenge is...Monkey Barren! Okay. So...You guys have to hold on to a bar for a long time. The last two stading get to be team leaders!

Host: Ready, Set, BEGIN!!

The ChallengeEdit

Lemon: QADFGFHFFGG!! *falls*

Mirror: Ahhhh!

  • falls*

Host: Mirror and Lemon are out!

Cleaver: XD That was too easy...

Toothbrush: I know right?

Slipper: That was mean! *punches Toothbrush off*

Cleaver: GRRRRRRR!!! *jumps on Slipper getting them both out*

Host: We have our winners! Pot and Paper Cup!

Paper Cup: Yes!

Pot: Alright!

Team Choosing & The First LeavesEdit

Host: ..Paper cup may choose first!

Paper Cup: Hmmm...Toothbrush

Pot: Slipper!

Paper Cup: Mirror!

Pot: Hmmmmm...

Host: Oh! and I forgot. since there is an odd number of you..the one of you that isn't on a team will be eliminated!


Cleaver: YES!

Lemon: Justin Biber!!

Host: Good-bye! *flings Lemon to the Loser Place*

Host: Pot's team will be Team Orange and Paper Cup's Team will be Team Lime.

Pot: Okay

Paper Cup: KK.

Host: See Ya next time!